Care for your Terrazzo

Care for your Terrazzo

The care for your terrazzo is simple and low-maintenance. Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. An easy maintenance program recommended by Cisneros Terrazzo will safeguard the elegant, immaculate look for years to come. There are a few steps you will need to follow...


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Step one is to learn which Terrazzo system you’re using. TypiCisnerosTerrazzoCareForTerrazzoDec2015Opt1cally there are three different systems that are normally used to bind the aggregate together in Terrazzo floors: Portland cement, modified polyacrylate cement, and Epoxy resin polymer. Each system is similar in appearance, different material is used in each to bind the glass chips and marble together.

Primarily terrazzo floors are initially protected with a sealer. These topical sealers assist in keeping the spilled materials from penetrating the surface and prevent etching, staining, or damage in some way. Cleaning up spills immediately is important care for your terrazzo to ensure that the spilled substance does not penetrate through the sealed surface and cause damage.

It is also important to implement a simple daily care and weekly program to remove dirt and debris. You can accomplish this through sweeping and mopping the surface. Neutral PH only cleaning solutions are recommended.  Do not use harsh chemicals to clean terrazzo flooring.  Additionally, building managers will implement a regular wax and burnish program ensuring the original sealer is protected and prevents wear off from daily traffic. Terrazzo can be re-polished and restored MANY years down the road if needed to bring it back to its original state by a certified NTMA terrazzo contractor.

It has become more common to polish or hone terrazzo to a high polish “marble finish” then seal it with a penetrating stone sealer.  This finish leaves an extremely elegant and easy to clean finish.  No topical sealers or wax is required.  However, without a topical sealer, the application can be more susceptible to spills.  Our crews install this finish commonly in residential applications. There are few flooring systems that can match the beauty of a 3,000 grit polished floor!


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