Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring for Los Angeles County, CA. area

Cisneros Terrazzo creates and installs professional commercial epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring isn’t giving floors a fancy coat of paint or shine. It’s a resin that’s applied as a coating, usually to concrete. The chemical reaction between the components cure over a couple of days. Once that’s done, it gives a polished feeling to any floor.

Why choose an epoxy flooring? The polymer systems used in the flooring are resistant to chips, scratches, impact, and other things that can ruin other types of flooring. You’re most likely to find epoxy resin used in the industrial and commercial industry such as manufacturing or garage floors, as it can withstand a lot of stress while still retaining its sleek appearance. Its sturdiness is one of its many benefits. It also lasts much longer than other types of flooring.

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There are many design solutions when it comes to industrial epoxy floors. Some installers include an aggregate that creates traction in the coating. This helps keep the floor from getting too slippery when wet.

Don’t think this only belongs in the industrial world; epoxy flooring can be used for home and business as well! Our resin flooring specialists will help you decide where best to use the flooring, as well as answer any questions about the many products we have. If you already have a floor that’s in need of repairs, we’re more than happy to help. Industrial floors and restoration of those floors should be done by an expert for the best results.


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Cisneros Terrazzo is known for commercial and residential terrazzo installation, restoration, and repair. Our unique and custom terrazzo systems work with any home or business. We also specialize in epoxy flooring systems for commercial construction and high-end residential applications for southern California and Hawaii locations.


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