Green Terrazzo

Green Terrazzo in Los Angeles, CA. area

Cisneros Terrazzo is the leading terrazzo expert in southern California and Hawaii. Our expert niche is creating terrazzo flooring, countertops, wall, stairs, and many more applications. We specialize in high quality industrial and residential terrazzo that meets Go Green standards for continued environmental sustainability. With our Green Terrazzo designs, we are recognized as industry leaders in craftsmanship and professionalism. All of our custom terrazzo designs can be LEED certified, ensuring that our products meet your green home or office standards. Cisneros Terrazzo sets the bar for the highest- quality terrazzo contractor.


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Each of our terrazzo systems are crafted with diamond polished natural and recycled marble or aggregate chips in an array of color options. This method of craftsmanship helps us to ensure we meet Go Green specifications while providing a high quality finish that will last. This unique design means that our floors have low maintenance costs – saving you big money long term. Our experts will also show you proper care for your terrazzo, so that you can preserve and protect your investment, preventing unnecessary costs and unsightly damage. Learning to care for your terrazzo is easier than you think.

Things do happen and the occasional repair is unavoidable. If you have an existing floor in need of terrazzo repair or restoration, have our experts take a look. Our expert craftsmen will help you determine how best to improve the quality and durability of your current terrazzo system.

Want to make your home, office more environmentally friendly? Our team will help you evaluate the best options for your flooring system based on terrazzo type, design and environmental impact. Going green with terrazzo is an easy first step in minimizing your impact on the environment and solidifying your reputation for a go-green standard of living.

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