Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring for California

Terrazzo flooring is the high-quality flooring solution that you have been waiting for. Terrazzo has a variety of applications and can be used indoor and outdoors for floors, walls, stairs and even counter tops. Terrazzo flooring maximizes durability and functionality while providing beautiful designs and aesthetics. Terrazzo works great for commercial and residential uses and can be especially crafted to meet a variety of demands – including providing a natural green solution. You may see terrazzo flooring in museums, high end restaurants, and luxury houses across southern California. We have recently completed projects in the  Beverly Hills area.

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Terrazzo Project

Great Maple Terrazzo in CA. by Cisneros Terrazzo

Cisneros Terrazzo floors are an industry favorite for Corporate office lobbies, retail locations and luxury homes. You will see our workmanship in main living areas, entry ways and private rooms of your house or corporate office. Terrazzo can also be used for walls and stairs applications. Why is that? Because our premium terrazzo is specifically crafted to be durable while providing a sleek, clean and impressive finish. The durability of our terrazzo means that this is a low maintenance surface that requires very little care and cleaning is simple.

That means you save money.

Other common flooring types require owners to spend excessive amounts of money repairing cracks, and maintaining a fragile surface, creating more problems than they are worth.

Our Terrazzo is crafted by experts with only the highest level of experience, with the best quality materials in order to preserve the quality of the flooring over the long term, and protect your investment.

Installation is made simple by our professional terrazzo team of craftsmen. We are terrazzo contractors who work with architects, builders and high end home owners. We will discuss the best terrazzo design, colors, types of application options and life cycle cost during our estimate process to ensure that your flooring fits your budget and needs.

If you have any existing terrazzo in need of a little TLC, restoring it can seem burdensome and overwhelming. Our craftsmen can work with you to restore or repair your terrazzo to its former glory, while staying within your budget. Terrazzo restoration and repair is just one of the many services we offer.


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