Terrazzo Installation

Terrazzo Installation for our local Los Angeles County and Southern California area

Installation is the first, and most important step of any long term flooring investment. Commercial Terrazzo installation is a high quality flooring solution that provides unmatched durability and incredible aesthetics. Over the lifespan of your terrazzo you will get a return on the life cycle cost that can lead to cost savings.

Cisneros Terrazzo Inc. has the best reputation as a superior terrazzo contractor serving our local communities in Los Angeles county area in Southern, California and additionally, near Honolulu,Hawaii.

Terrazzo is a low maintenance, natural go green solution. This means that all of our terrazzo is made from natural materials, is environmentally sustainable, and even improves the air quality of the areas where the terrazzo is present.

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Our terrazzo installation solutions have several terrazzo types with various applications that are compatible with cement, marble, tile and work great indoor and outdoor. The process of installation creates perfectly seamless surfaces for any floor or wall. Our professional installers provide a polished, industrial grade finish to terrazzo that enhances the strength of your terrazzo flooring so that the floor’s natural beauty will be preserved and you can protect your investment.

Our unique design guide and color schemes will give you a start to designing office, kitchen, bathroom, or even industrial flooring designsWe professionally mix, place, and finish terrazzo for commercial buildings and luxury homes.  We can also masterfully hand place and finish terrazzo walls, stairs, countertops, showers, and other vertical applications to meet your project requirements.

We are committed to providing excellent terrazzo installation and service. Our professional terrazzo team will walk you through the best methods for repairing and restoring your existing flooring and how to care your terrazzo it is restored.

Learn to maintain your terrazzo to preserve the natural long lasting beauty with a low maintenance plan. Once your new terrazzo has been installed you will feel absolutely confident in the quality of the terrazzo and your ability to properly take care of it.

We take pride in being able to uphold our guarantee for the best terrazzo indoor and outdoor applications at an affordable cost. Within our website you will find many images of our completed terrazzo projects showcasing many available design options or aesthetic features available.


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