Terrazzo Life Cycle Cost

Terrazzo Life Cycle Cost for the Los Angeles area

Terrazzo Life Cycle Cost is a great reason for specifying terrazzo as it is known to be the longest lasting, easiest to maintain flooring system in the world.  Why fight with tile grout when you there is a beautiful seamless option?  In addition, green terrazzo flooring can be incorporated into a project by using recycled glass and other material in the mix design.  

Cisneros Terrazzo Inc. is the leading terrazzo contractor in Southern California.  We professionally install restore, and repair terrazzo flooring.  Our terrazzo experts create terrazzo flooring masterpieces, countertops, precast terrazzo stairs, and more.    In addition, our skilled team installs industrial epoxy floor coatings, and waterproofing systems. Terrazzo Life Cycle Cost Cisneros Terrazzo Downey, CA.

We specialize in industrial and high end home terrazzo that are natural go green products. With our unique and environmentally sustainable alternate flooring solutions, we are recognized leaders in craftsmanship and professionalism.


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Is your terrazzo floor in need of restoration or repair?  Our team has the skills and abilities to bring an old terrazzo installation back to life.  It is amazing to see what can be done to a 50 year old terrazzo floor when it is brought back to “like new” condition.  Terrazzo restoration can be a very fulfilling project, and our team enjoys a good restoration project!

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