Terrazzo Restoration and Repair

Terrazzo Restoration and Repair Contractor

Cisneros Terrazzo Inc. is the premiere Terrazzo restoration and repair contractor in the Western United States. We are flooring specialists, and also offer terrazzo floor restoration services.  We are recognized as industry leaders in craftsmanship and professionalism. We set the bar for quality installations and can provide guidance and solutions for new projects as well as restoration and repair.


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Terrazzo is one of the longest lasting and durable products available.  When maintained correctly, it can outlast any other flooring product.  Our experts can show you how to care for your terrazzo in order to preserve and protect your investment, preventing unnecessary costs and unsightly damage. We specialize in all forms of commercial and residential terrazzo and we will guide you through the process of caring for your investment.


What if my terrazzo is already damaged?

Repairing terrazzo takes knowledge of the product, and the skills to repair it correctly.  Whether it is a terrazzo floor, counter, or wall, you will be amazed at how our team of craftsmen will be able to repair and restore your terrazzo to its original brilliance. We pride ourselves in our trade as well as our professionalism and uphold our commitments to be on time to appointments and provide only the highest quality craftsmanship.

Cisneros Terrazzo are the experts in terrazzo, repair and restoration in Downey, California and throughout Los Angeles County. Our crews are skilled in terrazzo, cement, polyacrylate, and epoxy systems.

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