Terrazzo Types

Terrazzo Types

There are many different
Terrazzo types, specially crafted to meet your specific style and functional needs. Most Terrazzo systems use a unique cement or epoxy resin poured in place to create the floor, wall or counter that you most desire.

The style, functionality and durability of your floor can vary depending on the unique needs of your home or business. When considering the different types of terrazzo flooring and your specific needs, you want to make sure you’re going to someone you can trust.


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Cisneros Terrazzo are the experts in terrazzo types, design and installation for southern California and its surrounding areas. We have our design guide to help you get started or our expert craftsmen begin the design process, they focus on three key elements:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Appearance



The basic question here is, “How will this terrazzo system best meet your specific needs?”

For example, many hospitals rely on our expertly designed, non-porous, antibacterial flooring systems to ensure a clean, safe space for their surgery floors and clean-rooms.


The central focus here and for all of our floors is that the floor is tough and requires very little ongoing maintenance.

Many schools, restaurants and warehouses turn to our designs when they need flooring that will be able to handle spills, heavy foot traffic and heavy machinery without becoming damaged, marred or scuffed. This leads to fewer risks of workplace injuries due to uneven or cracked floors and helps keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.


Whether the flooring is for hospitals, schools, warehouses, homes or restaurants, our top-of-the-line terrazzo and finishes are crafted by expert tradesmen to look absolutely stunning. Each of our unique flooring types is custom designed to be artistic masterpieces and our access to unlimited color combinations options allow us to meet most color theme for your design.

Go Green

It is becoming increasingly important for schools, businesses and homeowners to account for environmental impact when considering the installation of a new flooring system. With all of the functionality, durability and impressive beauty of our standard terrazzo, going green raises the bar, using an environmentally sustainable composition of recycled materials that maintain a mold-free environment and contribute to a tremendously positive environmental impact.

We uphold a long-standing tradition of exceptional work and equally exceptional customer service. Once the application is done and the floor is completely installed, our experts will walk you through taking care of your terrazzo and if ever a need we are always available for restoration or repair needs. To see examples of our work check out our images on our main homepage arranged by project name.


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