Polyacrylate Terrazzo

Cisneros Terrazzo is one of the few firms in the country that has the ability and know how to install polyacrylate terrazzo correctly.  Over the years, our crews have perfected the process, and our installations are currently found in many high-end homes on the west side of Los Angeles. Polyacrylate terrazzo can provide many benefits over epoxy or cement terrazzo.

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Custom-Polyacrylate-Terrazzo-Bathroom-Installed-by-Cisneros-Terrazzo-Los Angeles- CA

Custom-Polyacrylate-Terrazzo-Bathroom-Installed-by-Cisneros-Terrazzo-Los Angeles- CA

Benefits of Polyacrylate Terrazzo

    • Does not yellow in direct UV sunlight.  Unlike epoxy terrazzo, Polyacrylate terrazzo will hold it’s natural color and will not change over time from UV exposure.  This is a huge benefit when designing residences and commercial spaces that carries terrazzo outside, or includes a space with a large amount of light that comes through the windows or skylights.  
    • Stronger than cement terrazzo, but looks the same.  Many epoxy terrazzo installations can end up with a “plastic” look when they are finished.  Polyacrylate terrazzo utilizes a cementitious binder matrix and polishes like cement terrazzo.  This gives the floor a beautiful “old world” look.
    • Similar in cost to epoxy terrazzo.  Polyacrylate terrazzo is a competitively priced product and shares a similar price point with epoxy terrazzo.
    • Can be installed at 3/8 – ½ inch in thickness.  Cement terrazzo typically requires 2 inch recessed slab to accommodate it’s underbed.  Polyacrylate terrazzo does not require this and can be installed directly over a concrete or wood substrate.  This also significantly decreases the overall weight per square foot of the installed system.


Polyacrylate terrazzo is a very good option for both residential and commercial projects, especially in Southern California where designs incorporate a large amount of natural light.  If you’re considering terrazzo in your next design, please call our knowledgeable staff. We can provide you with the details you’ll need to have a successful terrazzo installation!

Additionally, our website is a great terrazzo resource for finding design guides, learning about the life cycle cost or types available, how to care for your terrazzo, the current color palette, Industrial flooring solutions and many more pages dedicated to custom terrazzo  flooring. Other related services we provide is restoration and repair. Contact us Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.


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